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    My poor great grandmother. I can remember overhearing a very depressing conversation at a young how old you are. She told my mother about her time concerning the vaudeville dance circuit. She talked about her gorgeous long extentions. “Gams” she called them. She had danced her way into the hearts of thousands. She appeared in magazine spreads and even had a short part a good early Bing Crosby film as a dancing women. She showed those “gams” off around the country and was paid (relatively) well for it then. She spoke to my mother wistfully about days gone by. About the beauty of her youth. About feeling great in this brief skirt. In the conversation the sadness perceived to deepen and turn into more entrenched, it became clear that my great grandmother felt terrible on the way her body had more mature.

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    I felt so sad for your wife. She spoke of the varicose veins that now lined her legs in addition to the pain caused with lack of blood flow to her lower appendages. I are unsure of if spider veins stockings or compression hose were around at this stage (it was the late 70’s I will say without revealing my age) although i really wish they had existed or maybe they did that some sort or other and informed soul possess told her about him. It is hard to accept the limits of one’s beauty, especially where the ravages of aging are alarmed.

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